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Update: I did end up getting offered the job that I referenced earlier this week. There were several impromptu parts to the audition that included me wearing a pink boa, singing donna summer, and dancing the cupid shuffle. That shit was cray.

Anyway +10 points if you can guess where…

Getting a little ballsy in my old age. Here’s a throwback to the old choir days- a rough snippet of Billy Joel’s “The Longest Time”

Don’t worry I won’t be quitting my day job :)

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I am still laughing a bit from this call that I received yesterday. It was in response to a part time position (more details to come later possibly) that I applied for…which involves attending a singing audition this upcoming Tuesday.

I’ve decided to go because it’s just too amusing not to check out. The deal is that I have to come prepared with two pieces, a pop song and something from a musical. I think we’ll stick with ‘When You’re Good To Mama’ from Chicago, but no idea what I’m doing for the first pick. I was an Alto II back in the day (technically a Mezzo Soprano) so Billy Joel and Stevie Wonder songs were generally still within range.

Does anyone out in Tumblr land have suggestions?? I’m all ears.

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