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I’m always thinking I’m so eclectic, but the truth is that everything boils down to music for me. That’s the key to my success.
Pharrell in an interview with Fast Company

I always forget about how good this lady was. Lady Gaga and the like really don’t hold a candle to her!

Wale - LoveHate Thing (Feat. Sam Dew)

Catchy hook.

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Just because…it’s FRIDAY!

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I’ve been jammin to T.B. 24/7 since watching her Behind the Music special on VH1. I wish she would make another comeback.


Get Lucky - Daft Punk Feat. Pharrell Williams

Where have they been? This is good.

Anyone else remember hearing this on that old Levi’s commercial?

There’s been times, I’m so confused
All my roads, they lead to you
Just can’t turn and walk away… 

Stuck in my head since Saturday! Thanks Fatback.

Matthew Wilder - Day#326 Break My Stride


Break My Stride - Matthew Wilder - 1983



For all my people who experienced some rough stuff this week, time to jam… Happy Friday!

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