Roast of James Franco - The President of Hollywood - Uncensored (by Comedy Central).

Bill Hader!!!

You’re welcome.

While I have a moment to chill…

Last Friday, RC threw me a surprise party for my 25th birthday. Most of the people that came were were post GMU friends. We started out at the Park at 14th St, but I made an executive decision to move the festivities to the nearby Science Club and 18th Street Lounge. As much as I’ve always wanted to visit the Park, let’s just say that my current circle seemed like a tiny dallop of sour cream in a large vat of Hershey’s syrup…I had a lot of vodka cranberries so you know I was giddy (take note of the bug eyes).

Anyway, I’ve been hanging out with a lot of new girls as of late. Some of them are married, others are new to the area and only know one or two people. Regardless, it’s been fun getting to know people that I wouldn’t necessarily meet if I didn’t push myself to try something different every now and then. The process of making lady friends in DC (something that I haven’t had to do a while) isn’t all that bad.

The new job is going really well. I’m enjoying nonprofit life and I’ve seriously never been in an office where most things (processes, policies, etc) just make sense. The people that I work with are knowledgeable, passionate about our mission, and generally care about whether you have the support that you need to succeed. There are a lot of opportunities for professional development, fun office activities. The work can be tedious every now and then (read PR analysis), but it’s nice to get paid for using the left side of my brain :)

It’s been a fun/hectic season and I’m ready for Fall now.

Still alive, just trying this new fangled twitter thing out (again) and adjusting to the new gig. Also, getting ready for my 25th birthday aka where the fun goes to retire.


Wale - LoveHate Thing (Feat. Sam Dew)

Catchy hook.

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Good Morning!
AFP: It’s a baby panda at Taipei City Zoo.


Good Morning!

AFPIt’s a baby panda at Taipei City Zoo.

Just because…it’s FRIDAY!

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